Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.

College of Education



Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.


Word document 


Date of Birth: May 21, 1965

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Special Skills: Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish



Rank: Full Professor, College of Education, Teacher Education & Foundations

Year of Appointment to CSUSB: 1999, tenure track

Assignments:    Multiple Subject Credential Program, Bilingual

                          Masters Core (Foundations/Research Methods)

                          Doctoral Core (Educational Leadership)


1.  Academic Degrees, Licenses and Credential


(09/95 - 01/99) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


(09/91 - 06/95)  California State University at Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education, Concurrent course work for Bilingual MULTIPLE-SUBJECT TEACHING CREDENTIAL


(09/86 - 06/88)   University of California at Los Angeles
(09/83 - 06/86)   California State University at Long Beach, School of  Social and Behavioral Science 
Course work in Chicano Studies


2.  Professional Experience


(Sept 2010 - present) College of Education, Department of Teacher Education and Foundations


Executive Director

Latino Education & Advocacy Days (LEAD)

The LEAD Organization serves as a primary site for a set of innovative and productive programs, publications and events in Latinos and Education. These projects involve significant participation of faculty, students and administrators, as well as partnerships in the region and nationally, and strong interactive connections with Latino networks in the U.S., as well as Latin Americans and Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas and the world, many whom are already in contact with LEAD personnel and the university. In short, our purpose is to promote a broad-based awareness of the crisis in Latino Education and to enhance the intellectual, cultural and personal development of our community's educators, administrators, leaders, parents and students.



(2014 - present) Southern California Consortium of Hispanic-Serving Institutions

The Southern California Consortium of Hispanic Serving Institutions is committed to preparing Latino students for tomorrow’s challenges through collaboration and leveraging institutional strengths and resources. We provide a cooperative vehicle to enhance the success of member institutions in reaching their individual and collective goals. Largest in the US, more than 70 HSIs in region.


Principal Investigator

(Sept 2016 – present) Five-year HEP grant, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Migrant Education

CSUF-HEP partnership with LEAD to bring HEP services to the Inland Empire, to assist migrant or seasonal agricultural workers and their families obtain their High School Equivalency Certificate (formerly known as "GED" and pursue higher education, upgraded employment or military service.



(2015 - present) Binational Parent Leadership Institute

Explore and establish an organized Parent Involvement mechanism in the Inland Empire that will provide parents with institutional leadership trainings to become effective change agents in service delivery for their families. Develop a process(s) for parents to create a cadre of leadership for parent voice, direct input, advocacy and impact in schools & communities and at local, regional, state and national levels. Develop focus on effective strategies to meaningfully engage parents in planning, implementation and evaluation of service to ensure successful outcomes for student and families.



(January 2008 - January 2012) California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

CSAC is the principal state agency responsible for administering financial aid programs for students attending public and private universities, colleges, and vocational schools in California.



(January 2010 - January 2012) EdFund

EdFund served as the United States' second largest provider of student loan guarantee services under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). It was organized as a non-profit public benefit corporation, and processed more than $9.3 billion in student loans in the United States annually (including Consolidation loans) and managed a portfolio of outstanding loans valued at $29 billion.



(Sept 1999 - present) Journal of Latinos and Education (JLE)

JLE provides a cross-, multi-, and interdisciplinary forum for scholars and writers from diverse disciplines who share a common interest in the analysis, discussion, critique, and dissemination of educational issues that impact Latinos. Tier 1; First round - Feature Articles: 4.3% acceptance rate of the journal (and inversely 95.7% rejection). Revised submissions: Average acceptance rate of the journal: 35% acceptance (and inversely 65% rejection). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. (LEA) / Taylor & Francis / Routledge



(Aug 2009 – present) RIMS Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program.

Assignment: Casa Ramona Academy



(2009 - present) National Latino Education Network (NLEN)

Web networking portal for those sharing a common interest and commitment to educational issues that impact Latinos. Online Features and Benefits include:An Archive/Directory, a Resource Guide/Clearinghouse, an online and email Newsletter, E-Mail Listserve, Programs and News, Conference/Summit Event Planning



(Sept 2003 - August 2010) College of Education, Department of Language, Literacy, & Culture



(Oct 2004 - Dec 2009) Handbook of Latinos and Education (HLE), Routledge Books

HLE has the unique purpose and function of profiling the scope and terrain of this particular domain of academic inquiry. It presents the most significant and potentially influential work in the field of Latinos and Education, in terms of its contributions to research, to professional practice, and to the emergence of related interdisciplinary studies and theory



(July 2006 – June 2008) SPAR Board

SPAR reviews all test items on CA standardized tests, Special Appointment by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O’Connell



(September 2003 – May 2006 ) Los Angeles County Office of Education Assist in reform efforts of local Elementary, Middle and High Schools designated by local and state agencies as Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools



(September 2003 – November 2008)    HEP  -  PROJECT AVANZANDO    

A Collaborative Adult Education Initiative for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers, led by Art, Research & Curriculum Associates (U.S. Department of Education, HEP Award S141000008)



(August 2005 - July 2008) Center for Equity in Education



(January 2002- June 2004) Bilingual Electronically-Mediated Mentoring Project (Title VII Grant)



(March 2002 – June 2005) Committee on Academic Standards and Accreditation

CASA, American Educational Studies Association (AESA), Council of Learned Societies in Education (CLSE), National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)



(November 2002 – June 2003)  Cortland’s Urban Recruitment of Educators (CURE) Program, State University of New York, College at Cortland



(Feb 2000 - present )
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Pennsylvania

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

University of Phoenix

Claremont Colleges

University of Redlands

Mount St. Mary’s



(Sept 1999 – Aug 2003)  College of Education, Department of Language, Literacy & Culture, CSUSB



(March 1999 – Nov 1999)  American Educational Studies Association Convention, held in Detroit, MI



(Jan 1997 – June 1998)  Department of Anthropology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Funding awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).



(Aug 1995 –July 1996)  THE URBAN REVIEW, A Quarterly Journal of Issues and Ideas in Public Education.  Published by Human Sciences Press, Inc., New York, NY.



(Aug 1995 – Dec 1996)  Social Foundations of Education Program, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



(AY 1992/93, AY 1993/1994 , AY 1994/1995)   Los Angeles Unified School District, Hooper Ave. Elem.


(Oct 1991 – March 1993)  El Rescate


(Jan 1990 – Jan 1994)  Ollin, Inc. & Chilaquiles Books


 (June 1988 – Dec 1989)   One Stop Immigration and Educational Center



(March 1989 – May 1989)   San Diego Community College District, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System.

(Sept 1987 – May 1988)  Academic Advancement Program, University of California at Los Angeles


(July 1987 –Aug 1987)  Summer Bridge Program, California State University at Long Beach.


(July 1984 – Aug 1986)   Educational Opportunity Program, California State University at Long Beach.


3.  Awards-Honors and Other Indications of Professional Recognition (not in sequential order)

-  President’s Volunteer Service Award. The White House – President Barack Obama

- Ohtli Award. It is the highest honor presented to a civilian outside Mexico for "services rendered to the dissemination of Mexican culture abroad"

- NBC News Education Nation Thought Leader

- Outstanding Professor in Professional Growth Accomplishments

- Outstanding Advisor

- Outstanding Young Alumnus Award, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

- Educator of the Year, Unidos por la Musica

- Outstanding Support of Hispanic Issues in Higher Education Award, the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education

- Certificate of Recognition, RIMS Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of Education

- 2010 Awarded “Promotion” to Full Professor, CSUSB

 - President’s Team Achievement Award, for participation and contribution to the Latino Education and Advocacy Day, Office of the President, CSUSB.

 - 2010 Critics Choice Book Award, Handbook of Latinos and Education, American Educational Studies Association (AESA)

 - Examples of Excelencia Recognition (LEAD Organization) for commitment and creativity in building community, leadership and momentum, Excelencia in Education

 - President’s Volunteer Service Award, The White House – President Barack Obama.

 - Certificate of Recognition, County of San Bernardino, 5th District Supervisor Josie Gonzales

 - Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, US Congress, Joe Baca

 - Recognition from US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

 - Nomination for 2010/11 “CSUSB Outstanding Professor Award”, Professional Growth Accomplishments, College of Education CSUSB


- * More than 30 local, regional, state, national and international governmental and congressional commendations (partial list below…)

    - Certificate of Recognition by Riverside County Superintendent of Schools Kenneth M. Young-


    - Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community,  

     US Congressman Jerry Lewis-Member.

    - Certificate of Congratulations by the City Council of the City of Banning, Barbara Hanna-Mayor.

    - Certificate of Recognition presented by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Josie


    - Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition on behalf of the 43rd Congressional District, Joe Baca-

      Member of Congress.

    - Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, Mary Bono Mack-Member of Congress.

    - Certificate of Recognition, California State Senate, Bill Emmerson-Senator 37th District.

    - Awarded Nominee for Education Medal of Honor, San Bernardino County Office of Education.

    - Certificate of Recognition, CA Assembly – Legislature, 62nd District Assembly Member Wilmer Amina


    - Recognition/Congratulation, CA Assembly - Legislature, 40th District Assemblyman Mike Morrell

    - Certificate of Recognition, CA Senate, 32nd District Senator Norma J. Torres

-  Awarded Nomination for 2009/10 “CSUSB Outstanding Professor Award” Professional Growth Accomplishments, College of Education CSUSB

- “Outstanding Professor”, Professional Growth Accomplishments, College of Education CSUSB

 - “2008 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award”, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Education

 - “Delmos Jones and Jagna Shariff Memorial Prize for the Critical Study of North America” for Local Democracy Under Siege book, The Society for the Anthropology of North America

- Special Appointment by Speaker of the California State Assembly, Commissioner, California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

 - “Core Doctorate Faculty” for the new Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership, Academic Programs, Office of Associate Provost CSUSB

 - Contract renewal to serve as Editor for the Journal of Latinos and Education, Taylor & Francis/Routledge

 - “Statewide Pupil Assessment Review Board (SPAR)”, State Superintendent of Public Instruction 

- 2003/04 “My Teacher is a Feminist”, Women’s Resource Center CSUSB

 - 2003/04 “Outstanding Advisor”, Student Leadership and Development, Office of Student Affairs CSUSB

 - 2003 “Tenure and Promotion” to Associate Professor, CSUSB

 - 2002/03 “Outstanding Professor”, Professional Growth Accomplishments, College of Education CSUSB

 - California State University Forgivable Loan

- National Hispanic Scholarship Fund

- Southern Oral History Award

- Prestigious Outstanding Dissertation Award from Phi Delta Kappa

- Top 5 Outstanding Dissertation Award, the American Educational Research Association



4. Publications, *Authored more than 100 publications, for full list please see: http://emurillo.org/pubs.htm

            Books and Monographs:

- Hamann, E., Wortham, S., & Murillo Jr., E.G. (eds.) (2015) Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

- Murillo Jr., E.G. (ed.) Handbook of Latinos and Education: Theory, Research & Practice. Philadelphia, PA: Routledge (2010).

- Murillo Jr., Enrique G. et al (eds.) Handbook of Latinos and Education: Theory, Research & Practice. New York, NY: Routledge (December, 2009).

 - D. Holland, D. Nonini, C. Lutz, L. Bartlett, M. Frederick-McGlathery, T. Guldbrandsen, and E.G. Murillo, Jr.. Local Democracy Under Siege: Activism, Public Interests, and Private Politics. New York, NY: NYU Press (2007).

- Noblit, G. W., Murillo, Jr., E.G., & Flores, S.Y. (eds.) Postcritical Ethnography in Education. Cresskill, NJ:  Hampton Press. (2004).

- Wortham, S., Hamann, E. &  Murillo Jr., E.G. (eds.) (2001) Education in the New Latino Diaspora: Policy and the Politics of Identity. Westport, CT: Ablex.

- Murillo Jr., Enrique G. (copy ed.) (1999) not by myself . . . A Special Edition of English and Spanish Writings About Changing Communities in the South.   Literacy South, Snow Camp, NC: Peppercorn Books and Press.

            Conference Program / Proceedings:

- LEAD Summit Program (1–9)

- Feria Educativa (1-3)

            Book Chapters and Contributing Texts:

- Machado-Casas, M. , Bustos Flores, B. , and Murillo Jr., E. "Reframing: We are Not Public Intellectuals; We are Movement Intellectuals" in C. Gerstl-Pepin and C. Reyes (eds.) Reimagining the Public Intellectual in Education: Making Scholarship Matter, New York: NY: Peter Lang, 2015.

- Murillo, E.G. and Aguilera, P.A."How Are You Going to Pay for College?" in the National Latino & American Indian Scholarship Directory, WPR Books, Carlsbad: CA (2013).

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 - Murillo, Jr., Enrique G. “Mojado Ethnography: making meaning of the alliances-reversals-paradoxes-positionalities along the neoliberal borderlands.” In G.W. Noblit, S.Y. Flores, & E.G. Murillo, Jr. (Editors) Postcritical Ethnography: Reinscriibing Critique, Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press (2004).          

- Murillo Jr., E.G. (2001) “How Does it Feel to Be a Problem?: ‘Disciplining’ the Transnational  Subject in the American South” in S. Wortham, E. Hamann, & E.G.  Murillo Jr. (eds.) Education in the New Latino Diaspora: Policy and the Politics of Identity. Westport, CT: Ablex.

 - Wortham, S., Hamann, E. &  Murillo Jr., E.G. (2001) “Introduction” in S. Wortham, E. Hamann, & E.G.  Murillo Jr. (eds.) Education in the New Latino Diaspora: Policy and the Politicsof Identity. Westport, CT: Ablex. 

- Murillo Jr., Enrique G. (1999) “Afterword.”  In Murillo Jr., Enrique G. (copy ed.) not by myself . . . A Special Edition of English and Spanish Writings About Changing Communities in the South. Literacy South, Snow Camp, NC: Peppercorn Books and Press.

            Refereed Academic Journals:

 - Murillo Jr., E.G., (2002 –present) "From the Editor's Desk", (68 total to date), Ongoing Editorial Work, published quarterly, Journal of Latinos and Education (JLE), Vols. 1 –  17.

- Martinez, E., Acevedo-Gil, N., and Murillo Jr.E.G (2017). Introduction - Latinx and the Community College: Promoting Pathways to Postsecondary Degrees, Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, Vol 11, No 2.

- Murillo, E.G. (2012) "Increasing the Latino Educator Pipeline," Teachers of Color Magazine, Spring Issue Vol 7, No. 1, pgs. 54-55.

 - Murillo Jr., E.G. (2010). "The Color of Money: Maintaining the Pipeline of Diversity during a Tumultuous Economy", Insight Magazine – WSU

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- Murillo Jr., E.G., Flores, S.Y. and Martinez, C. (2002). "From the Editor's Desk", Journal of  Latinos and Education, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1-5. (Inaugural Volume and Issue)               
- Flores, S. Y. and Murillo Jr., E. G. (Sept. 2001) “Power, Language and Ideology: Historical  and Contemporary Notes on the Dismantling of Bilingual Education,” SPECIAL ISSUE: Under Cultural Assault: Navigating Through California’s Proposition 227. Urban Review, vol. 33, no. 3.

 - Dowdy, J.K, Givens, G., Murillo Jr., E.G., Shenoy, D, & Villenas, S. (Sept-Oct 2000), “Noises  in the Attic”: the Legacy of Academic Expectations.  International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 429-446.

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- Murillo Jr., Enrique G. (1997).  “Pedagogy of a Latin American Festival,” The Urban Review, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 263-281.

            Curriculum Writing:

- Adult English as a Second Language Curriculum: Submitted for, and accepted by the Irvine Foundation (May 1992). 
- Adult Curriculum on Tobacco Abuse and Prevention: Submitted for, and accepted by California Department of Education. Co-Author with Francisco Ramirez (Feb. 1992).

Process-video on professional publications, Ad-Hoc Committee to Update and Improve the M.A. Core Program, 2000
Process-video on topic of graduate students of color in higher education. Copyright 1997 by Diaspora Productions, in collaboration with Noises in the Attic working group and conversational circle (22 minutes) 
Two 30-minute television programs on local North Carolina site, in collaboration with Optivisa, Fundacion Mexicano Americano, and TELEMUNDO. Multiple viewings on more than 90 affiliate television stations. 
Documentary video on the lives of Latino Immigrants in Clinton, North Carolina. Based on oral history interviews collected by Enrique G. Murillo, Jr.. Copyright 1996 by Shane Nye,  in collaboration with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke and Immaculate Conception  Catholic Church (17 minutes).


5.  Membership in Professional Associations

- American Educational Studies Association (AESA)

- American Educational Research Association (AERA)

- American Anthropological Association (AAA)

- National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR)

- National Latino Education Network (NLEN)

- American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)

- Association of Latino Faculty, Staff and Students (ALFSS)

- The Latino Institute, Inc., New Jersey

- National Latino\a Education Research Agenda Project (NLERAP)

- National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS)

- California Consortium for Critical Educators (CCCE)

- Chicano Latino Intersegmental Convocation (CLIC)

- California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE)


6. Service to the Profession

            Editorial Board Member/National Advisory Boards

- Anthropology and Education Quarterly (Council of Anthropology and Education)

- The High School Journal (UNC-Chapel Hill)

- The Initiative on Leadership, Culture, and Schooling (Miami University)

- Journal of Hispanic Higher Education (SAGE Publications)

- Educational Foundations Journal

- EdFund - ECMC

- American Educational Research Association (AERA)

- Hispanic-Serving Institutions Center for Policy & Practice (HIS-CP2) Excelencia in Education

- American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Executive Board

- Handbook of Research in the Social Foundations of Education (Routledge)

- Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE) Journal

- CA State Parks Foundation, Honorary Committee, Hidden Stories Program

- Empowering Students Advisory Board, The National Latino & American Indian Scholarship Directory

- CARITAS Telecommunications Corporation Board, Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino

- National Association of Bilingual Education, Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee

- San Bernardino Community College District, Chancellor’s Hispanic Serving Institution Advisory Board

- OjoOido Advisory Board Member

- New Futuro Regional Advisory Council

- LatinoGraduate.Net Advisory Board, National Latino Standardized Scholarship E-Application

- Council of Mexican Federations (COFEM) Parental Engagement Program

- National Latino Education Network (NLEN)

- University of Arizona Books Press

- American Educational Research Association (Div G and Hispanic Issues SIG)

- Educational Foundations Journal

- Anthropology and Education Quarterly

- Oxford Press

- The High School Journal

- Houghton Mifflin Company

- Routledge Books

- The Urban Review Quarterly Journal

- Urban Education, SAGE Publications


7. Presentations / Participation in Professional Growth Activities

* has presented at more than 120 professional conferences, for full list please see: http://emurillo.org/pubs.htm