Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.

College of Education

EDUC 722: Catalog Description

Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

This course will provide students the opportunity to conduct a qualitative study in education on a topic of their choice and to better understand the assumptions of theory, method, and analysis guiding their research choices. Readings will focus on issues involved in the interconnected processes of framing a study, writing a proposal, considering ethical and political issues, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting data, and writing and presenting research for varied purposes. (4 units)


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Students are reminded to select required and optional artifacts from this course for submission to their Portfolio.  Each Portfolio will contain the following elements:

1.    Statement of Purpose in the Ed.D. program.

2.    Current (updated) resume.

3.    Examples of coursework reflecting the Student Learning Outcomes and core concepts (e.g., papers submitted, tests completed, projects completed, etc.) with an indication of how each element submitted is relevant to their dissertation topic and research activities.  

4.    Summary of research and dissertation activities.  Students should submit a summary (no longer than one page for each element submitted) as to work they have completed on their dissertation.  Organization of this section of the portfolio should align with the dissertation chapters: a) Research Question; b) Literature Review; c) Methodology; d) Results; and, e) Conclusions.  The portfolio, over its development, should provide longitudinal evidence of activities related to completion of the dissertation.  Additionally, students may also submit a summary regarding any research activities that may be in addition to their dissertation.            

Additionally, students may include optional elements, such as, but not limited to:

5.  Conference participation and/or presentations

6.  Manuscript/publication drafts

7.  Additional noteworthy course work/projects

8.  Professional work samples


Portfolios are to be submitted each summer quarter for evaluation.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are creating and maintaining their Portfolio throughout the year. 

Program Objectives and Student Learning Objectives


The following list is extracted from the full list of Student Learning Objectives and identifies the alignment of Student Learning Objectives and Student Indicators addressed.

Student Learning Objective:

Designers and users of quantitative and qualifying research to effectuate reform and increase student achievement

Student Indicators:


Student Learning Objective:

Agents of change in education

Student Indicators:


Student Learning Objective:

Visionary leaders.

Student Indicators: