Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.

College of Education


EDUC 722 - Murillo




(20 points possible, weekly participation)



Instructions: Keep a weekly journal where you are actively engaging with the course readings.


Your journal is not a summary of the readings per se, but rather a place where you reflect on your learning experiences, the readings, and class discussions.  As with the journal you kept in the first qualitative research course, this will continue to be a place for you to document your reactions to the readings as well as pose questions that you are struggling with in relation to qualitative research.  You need not turn in your journal so as to be “graded,” but rather instead are expected to bring your journal with you to every class session, as the insights you document and the entries you write on a weekly basis, will help you contribute to class discussions.


Your journal should demonstrate evidence of:


  1. Careful, systematic reading of course materials, and synthesis of class discussions so as to elucidate significant issues, questions, actions, assumptions, and dilemmas.


  1. Deep reading/reflection of your “positionality”. In other words it describes where the you stand in relation to the authoritative discourses represented in the readings and class discussions. This might include insights, understandings, confusion, wonderment, differences, interests, commitments, and emerging positions in response.


  1. An emerging ability to deconstruct, or critically unpack what is said/not said, justified, implied, desired or taken for granted in the course materials, discussions and experiences.